Today we made some major revisions to our user interface.

Based on user feedback, we’ve made changes to streamline the meeting interface. The functionality is the same – but we think it is a lot easier to use. Let us know what you think.

simplified meeting interface


1 – Less Text

We’ve removed a lot of the guidance and text that used to clutter the interface when a meeting was being run. Much of this was possible because we’ve made it clearer what you need to do to run a meeting. Critical tips and help are still available via the “?” tooltips (mouse over them to see tips).

2 – Improved Meeting Controls

We have unified and simplified the timer controls. Additionally “Start Next Topic” and “Defer” are now always available. This makes it much clearer to control the flow of the meeting.

3 – Merged Agenda and History

We’ve simplified the interface by combining the current agenda section with the tabs that show the meeting history. With the new design, it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time.

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