What’s our startup story?

Instant Agenda is an enterprise lean startup product operating inside of the CA Technologies Accelerator program. What qualifies us as a “startup” and not big company product development? Read on!

startup growth curve

Most enterprise innovation (if that isn’t an oxymoron) fails in spectacular ways. There are many reasons for that, but they generally boil down to the fact that enterprise organizations exist for a completely different purpose than startups. An enterprise is about stable, predictable growth and optimization at scale. They tend to be change-averse and risk-averse. Startups are about learning, discovery and risk-taking. A true startup mentality clashes directly with many enterprise values.

The CA Technologies Accelerator program has carved out a space for entrepreneurs to innovate, effectively operating as independent businesses within a completely walled off “venture fund”. It is awesome! This program is specifically designed to incubate and accelerate new businesses, targeting new markets, and developing new customers. We start small and learn quickly. We pitch to an internal board of investors for rounds of funding, and measure ourselves against how quickly we can learn, achieve product-market fit, and scale a new business. Not radically different from the traditional startup world.

The ideal theory is that we acquire some customers, grow at roughly 5-7% week-over-week (10x growth per year) and exit the accelerator in a slick 36 months with our hair on fire. Of course, it doesn’t work quite that way — not in the startup world, and not in the CA Accelerator. It’s a rollercoaster of ups and downs, challenges and failures. There are no perfect hockey sticks, just a day-by-day, back-alley fight to figure it out before we run out of funding.

We’ve been riding a wave of success the last 8 months, and things are really taking off. We’re on the hockey stick, but it hasn’t been easy.

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Michael Ball

Co-founder, Product Lead at Instant Agenda
Michael was born a squalling, helpless MVP and has struggled ever since to obtain product-market fit. Experiments have included Peace Corps volunteer, ops engineer, scrum master, product owner, agile coach, husband, father, armchair philosopher, and, most recently, lean startup founder. Michael is still working on his exit-strategy, but his earliest angel investors seem generally proud of his accomplishments.
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