When teams have productive meetings, great things happen.

Ensure every meeting contributes positively to your business goals and bottom line with help from Instant Agenda.

Simplify Planning

Quickly create a professional meeting agenda and purpose ahead of the meeting to share with attendees. You can also choose to let participants add their own topics to the agenda ahead of the meeting or after it starts.

Record & Track Outcomes

Remove ambiguity from your meetings so everyone knows what their next step is. Take notes, call a vote, record decisions and assign action items with due dates. You can also easily delegate these tasks to someone on your team.

Keep Things On Time

Everyone’s time is valuable. Use the built in timer to keep the discussion on track and notify participants when it’s time to wrap things up.

Activate Collaboration

Instant Agenda makes it easy for attendees to suggest and vote on topics that benefit the group. Attendees feel included and empowered knowing their voice is valued.

Run Any Meeting with Instant Agenda

Instant Agenda is flexible enough to support almost any type of meeting. We provide 5 different meeting types with customized workflows that guide your preparation and facilitation. Select a meeting type below to learn more.

Collaborative Agenda Meetings

Planned Agenda Meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

Quick Meetings

Agile Retrospective Meetings

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