Instant Agenda gives you several ways to get people into your meeting. You can click the Invite Others button in your meeting to have the meeting link copied to your clipboard, and you can then paste that link into your team’s Slack channel or add it to an existing meeting invitation. Or you can use the Outlook or Google Calendar plug-ins to add links to Instant Agenda meeting directly from your calendar.
But, inevitably, people will attend your meeting who don’t have access to the Instant Agenda meeting link. Getting those people into Instant Agenda without direct access to the link can be challenging since the links are rather long.
To help make this situation less painful, we’ve added the ability to get a shortened link to your Instant Agenda meeting. With the shortened link, you can write it on the white board, or speak it aloud, and people can enter it directly into their mobile device or laptop.
To access the shortened link for your meeting, go to your meeting and click on the Invite Others button in the header. This will bring up the sharing dialog that looks like so:
invite others dialog
If you click on the smallify toggle (really, it’s almost a real word), you’ll be shown a smaller link that is easier to share with people directly (it’ll also be automatically copied to your clipboard):
smallified link
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us.

Mackenzie Fernandez

Developer at Instant Agenda
Mackenzie is a Colorado native that has a tool built for everything. She spends most of her time reading (a lot), hiking and organizing Nerf games.

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