If you’ve been following the Instant Agenda method for running your meetings, then you know that for more complex meetings, a crucial step in preparing for it is to solicit feedback. Sending your attendees the agenda well ahead of the meeting helps make sure you have the right people in the room or on the phone. Many times, upon seeing an agenda, some attendees may realize they really don’t need to be there, or can answer their part by email.
To better facilitate this, we’ve added a new feature to Instant Agenda that allows the moderator to send out the agenda in an email before the meeting starts. For all your Collaborative, Planned and 1-on-1 Meetings, you will see this button above your meeting’s agenda.

Clicking this will open the dialog which allows you to fill in the addresses of your attendees and any remarks you have about the meeting, for example any pre-work that will need to get done before the meeting starts (like material reviews, actions, etc.).

When you are satisfied, click the Send button and everyone will receive the agenda in their email.
We hope you find this functionality useful and that it helps drive improvements in your meetings. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us.

Mackenzie Fernandez

Developer at Instant Agenda
Mackenzie is a Colorado native that has a tool built for everything. She spends most of her time reading (a lot), hiking and organizing Nerf games.

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