We have just released the ability for meeting moderators to send an email summary after each meeting.

If you’ve been using Instant Agenda for a while, you have probably seen the meeting summary that pops up to moderators after each meeting session (when you click the “End Session” button). Until now, the “Send Summary” button was just a placeholder–you had to copy-and-paste the summary content into an email.

Starting today, the button does what it claims. You can send your summary as a nicely formatted email. By default, anyone who participated in the meeting as an attendee will be included, but you can edit the list before sending. You can type any email address you like (even if they are not a meeting attendee). This is useful to send to distribution lists or stakeholders who might not be an attendee.

Remember, you can edit the summary to clean up your notes and action items before sending it. Just click any item to edit it.

Send a great meeting summary email

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