Uncover customer pain points with consultative meetings.

Collaborate with prospects and clients with guided meetings from Instant Agenda.

Make Your Meetings Actionable

Holding an impactful customer meeting with adequate planning, facilitation, and follow up is challenging, not to mention time consuming. Instant Agenda does the work for you so you can focus on your customer, and the sale.

1. Nail the Preparation

Quickly create a professional meeting agenda ahead of the meeting to share with attendees. You can also choose to let participants add their own topics to the agenda ahead of the meeting or after it starts.

2. Align the Conversation

Don’t let unrelated chit chat overpower your pitch. Use the timer to stay on track, keep the discussion focused and make sure you get to your most important points.

3. Ensure Follow Up

No need to spend extra time recapping and distributing what you just discussed. Instant Agenda sends you – and attendees, if you choose – a beautifully formatted meeting summary complete with everything that you discussed.

Start collaborating in seconds

It’s simple for attendees:

1. Click the meeting link

2. Enter a name

3. Add topics – that’s it!

What Else Can You Do With Instant Agenda?

Make it Easy for Attendees

It’s always free for attendees to join your meeting and they don’t even need an account to participate! They just follow the link for your meeting, enter their name, and join the discussion.

Maintain Your Meeting History

A detailed history of every meeting is kept for you to refer back to at anytime. Read notes, review decisions, and update action items whenever you’d like.

Use Feedback to Improve

Perfect your pitch by reviewing anonymous feedback from meeting attendees.

Meet On The Go

Whether you’re in the office or travelling, Instant Agenda goes with you. Everyone can access and participate in real time from any device including a mobile phone or tablet.

Choose from different Agendas

You decide how to structure your meeting by selecting from three meetings types:

  • Simple Meeting – a planned agenda with a topic timer.
  • Collaborative Agenda – topics are proposed and prioritized collaboratively by attendees.
  • Planned Agenda – topics are determined by the person running the meeting.

Great for a variety of meetings including:

Discovery calls

Project planning

Problem solving

Innovation & strategy sessions