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We’ve worked really hard to make Instant Agenda as easy as possible to use. But doing something new is always a bit of a challenge. Below is our suggested approach to using Instant Agenda in your first meeting.


Choose the Right Meeting

Instant Agenda is most impactful in larger, more formal meetings. But it helps to start small and get your bearings first. We suggest picking a regular meeting with only a couple of attendees that you feel comfortable meeting with. You could even try using it for a one-on-one if you have regular check-ins with direct reports. It will be easier to execute in the product, and less at stake if you get stuck on anything.


Start With Planned Meeting Type

When you create the first meeting you will run with others, choose the Planned meeting type. Planned meetings are what most people are used to – the meeting moderator sets the agenda, order and timing. Our Collaborative meetings are powerful, but they add some complexity if you are not used to running them.

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Get Others On Board

It is easy to add a link to your Instant Agenda meeting to your calendar invite. Even easier if you have the Chrome extension for Google Calendar, or the Microsoft add-in for Outlook. But you may also want to send your attendees a short note like this:

Hey everyone,

This week I’d like to try using Instant Agenda to run our meeting. It lets us plan an agenda, run the meeting and follow up after with notes and action items. Here is a 30-second video that explains it.  Please let me know if you have questions!



It is very easy to practice running a meeting with Instant Agenda. Just start the meeting and run through your topics. You can experiment with taking notes, recording action items or calling a vote. Practice using the timer and moving from topic to topic. Don’t forget to END the meeting to generate a summary – you can mail it to yourself to see what it looks like.

If you have any trouble, use the FEEDBACK button to ask us a question – you’ll likely get a response in minutes.

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