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One Place For All Your Meetings

Instant Agenda gives you a permanent meeting link attendees can use week after week to access your meeting. It’s your meeting “home base” where notes, action items, decisions, attachments, meeting summaries and more are stored.

Save Time Preparing

No more copying and pasting agenda items meeting after meeting. Simply enter your agenda topics once as recurring topics and they’ll be ready and waiting every time you meet. You can drag topics to your preferred order, pin topics to discuss first and add one-time or recurring agenda items at any time.

Never Write Another Meeting Summary

Instant Agenda assembles all your notes, action items, decisions and more into a beautifully formatted summary you can send in seconds. Read more about meeting summaries here.

Integrate Your Calendar

Instantly add an agenda to your meeting invite with Instant Agenda’s plugins for Google and Outlook calendars.  Attendees can review the meeting agenda and purpose directly from your invite and provide comments or add topics they’d like to discuss.

Everything You Need for a Great Meeting

Action Items

See the status of the team’s action items assigned during your recurring meeting or, view your action items across all the meetings you participate in. You can also automatically send Instant Agenda action items directly to your favorite productivity tool like Trello or Basecamp.

Meeting Summaries

Your meeting link includes a detailed history of every time your recurring meeting was held. You can view who attended, notes, action items, decisions and more. Plus, you can send out a meeting summary in seconds to participants, distribution lists, and those not present.

Voting & Decisions

Call an anonymous vote during your meeting and record the decision. Or, record a decision made during your meeting at any time so your group doesn’t waste time discussing things you already agreed on.


Upload, view and download important documents from one central location. Perfect for teams that need to reference multiple files during their discussion.

Off-topic Flag

Sometimes meeting attendees get off-topic, but that shouldn’t derail the entire group. With Instant Agenda, participants can anonymously flag the Chatty McChatterson and get discussion back on track.


If you use similar agendas over and over for different meetings, you can save it as a template to quickly create an agenda for a new team or project.

Run Any Meeting with Instant Agenda

Instant Agenda is flexible enough to support almost any type of meeting. We provide 5 different meeting types with customized workflows that guide your preparation and facilitation. Select a meeting type below to learn more.

Collaborative Agenda Meetings

Planned Agenda Meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

Quick Meetings

Agile Retrospective Meetings

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