We have added two new features this week based on user feedback.

Preview Discussion Order

Applies to: Collaborative agenda meeting type

When running a collaborative meeting, the topic discussion order is based on votes. Topics with the most votes are discussed first, to ensure that you complete the most valuable topics early and don’t run out of time. The topics in the agenda are sorted by vote when you get to the discussion phase of the meeting.

The new feature is a toggle that allows you to preview the discussion order before you start the meeting. Only moderators may preview the order. While in preview mode, the Agenda will auto-sort by vote. The new toggle is available at the top of the Agenda view (see below).

preview discussion order

Question: “Why don’t you just always auto-sort by vote?”

Before the meeting starts we intentionally do not sort the topics by vote. There are several reasons for this. The first is practical. If we sorted in real-time, topics would jump around as the vote changes. People reported this was highly frustrating, particularly when many people are voting at the same time. The second reason is to avoid bias in the voting results. Biases like the Bandwagon Effect and Order Bias suggest that if we move highly voted items to the top, those items will get even more votes. By not sorting until we reach the discussion phase, we avoid some of that bias. In fact – we’ve talked about not even showing the vote count until the discussion phase, but that may be somewhat impractical for most cases. Let us know – what do you think?

Simple Meeting Type

We’ve also added a new meeting type – the “Simple Meeting”. This meeting type is a truly minimalist experience. You can create an agenda and then discuss your topics in order with a timer. No notes, no action items, no decisions, no voting. The idea is that this meeting type is useful for informal discussions where you want to come up with a list of items to talk about and keep track of time but little else. Let us know what you think — is this meeting type valuable?


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