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Instant Agenda partners with professionals that are committed to improving productivity, engagement and collaboration in large and small organizations.

Our partners are:

  • Expert consultants
  • Seasoned Agile coaches
  • Training organizations
  • Member associations
  • Agile evangelists & thought leaders

Our partner program offers various levels to best align with your business goals. Applying is easy, please contact us to learn more.

Companies love Instant Agenda:

With Instant Agenda, we can create a meaningful meeting agenda in just a few minutes. Team members suggest topics and vote on which deliver the most value to the group and our business. We save time and get through more, it’s a game changer. Ashley Powell

Scrum Master, businessolver

Making the most of my team’s time is very important, especially when you are in a startup mode.  Thanks to Instant Agenda, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page, run a clean meeting and let everyone’s voice be heard (love that voting!).  The best part for me is,  Instant Agenda allows me to capture the notes and action items during the meeting, saving me at least 30 minutes in ‘recapping’ after the fact. Stephanie Dumbrill

Social Media Maven , WhoZoo

The first time I tried Instant Agenda I was amazed because my typical 1- hour meeting wrapped up in 40 minutes.  Instant Agenda kept us on track and the team walked away feeling like we really accomplished something.  The positive feedback from meeting participants was overwhelming because they helped create the agenda – everybody was engaged. Jackie O’Neill-Walsh

VP, HR Team, CA Technologies

We used to rely on numerous Google sheets to create meeting agendas – it was painful. With Instant Agenda, agendas are always in the same place and teams can collaborate before meeting or on the spot if there’s not a set agenda. We also have a record of what we’ve discussed so the entire process is more organized. Todd Olson

CEO/Founder, Pendo

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