When you’re trying to convince someone of something, how long does it normally take for them to tell you that they already agree with you? And if you’re convincing a crowd, how long does it take then?
During a meeting, people might already be hesitant to interrupt, so however long it normally takes, chances are you’re still burning into more productive meeting time without realizing it.
The same thing happens when you go off topic, so we’ve added functionality that mirrors our Off Topic flag.
We’ve turned our Off Topic button into a dropdown so that you can not only flag a discussion as off topic but also indicate that you agree and you’re ready to move on to the next topic. This will let the moderator know that a consensus is being reached using the same indication as before.

If you have any questions or suggestions for flags to add to Instant Agenda, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us.

Mackenzie Fernandez

Developer at Instant Agenda
Mackenzie is a Colorado native that has a tool built for everything. She spends most of her time reading (a lot), hiking and organizing Nerf games.

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