Lean Coffee®* is a style of collaborative meeting that has gained a lot of traction in the Agile community. Instant Agenda makes it easier than ever to run a Lean Coffee style meeting, even if you have remote participants in your meeting. Let’s look at the various steps involved in a Lean Coffee meeting, and see how Instant Agenda supports the process.



Instant Agenda has a meeting type called Collaborative Agenda. With meetings of this type, any attendee in your meeting can propose topics. And, thanks to the real-time interface, remote attendees are able to contribute topics and see the topics proposed by others. If you have a recurring meeting, the meeting space is always available. So attendees can add their topic ideas any time inspiration strikes, they don’t have remember them at the start of the meeting.


Establish Group Needs

Once topic ideation is complete, participants vote on the topics they want to discuss. Again, thanks to the real-time interface, everyone’s votes are instantly visible.



Discuss in Order

Once you begin the discussion, topics are discussed in order of vote count. The highest voted topic is automatically brought up for discussion, in Lean Coffee parlance, this is the equivalent of moving the topic to “Doing”. For each topic, Instant Agenda displays a timer seen by all participants to keep the discussion focused.

Because topics are discussed by order of vote, you ensure the most valuable topics are covered up-front.



Record Results in Real-Time

Instant Agenda makes it easy to take notes, record decisions and create action items in real-time. As work artifacts are created, they are seen by everyone in the meeting.


That’s a quick overview of how Instant Agenda enables you to easily run more effective Lean Coffee meetings. If you’d like to try it yourself, sign up for a free trial today!

* Lean Coffee is a registered trademark of Modus Cooperandi and has no association with Instant Agenda.

Rick Lansky

Co-Founder / Technical Lead at Instant Agenda
Rick Lansky has a varied history in both hardware and software. He began his career as a computational physicist working in the disk drive business. After many years, he awoke one day to the realization that life as a scientist in a commodity business can be challenging. He degaussed his career and made the leap to web-based software where he’s been happily solving customer problems ever since. He’s currently the co-founder and technical lead of Instant Agenda, a project within with the CA Accelerator.

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