Running Agile Retrospective meetings just got easier! Introducing: Agile Retrospective Meetings in Instant Agenda.

Keep reading to learn more, or see it in action below. Or, read about why retrospectives are core to our mission and key to agility.


1. Create a Retrospective Meeting

To create a Retrospective Meeting, just click the Create Meeting button like you would for any other meeting. This will open the dialog shown below.

Creating a default meeting is as easy as entering a title for your meeting and clicking Create Meeting, which will take you to the meeting space (you can always customize the meeting steps and advanced settings later).

2. Add / Remove Categories If Needed

In your meeting space, instead of the agenda, you’ll see your retro board. By default, the categories are “What went well?”, “What didn’t go well?”, and “What needs to change?”, but you can easily customize your board by adding, editing or deleting them.

You can also reorder them by dragging and dropping the category where you want it.

3. Private and/or Anonymous Ideation

When you’ve shared the meeting with your team, by default everyone will be ideating privately. This means that when you or someone else adds an idea to the board, only you can read what that idea says until everyone is done coming up with ideas. This prevents bias or influence of ideas based on what other people have said. If introducing a sensitive idea, there is also the option of creating an idea anonymously, to provide safety in the meeting.

As a note, if Private Ideation is on and you create an idea anonymously, you won’t be able to see it until all ideas are revealed, since the idea isn’t associated to you when made anonymously.

4. Meeting Steps (Agenda)

By default, a retrospective meeting is broken into six steps, shown below with respective default times. The first and last steps are optional, and you can tinker with the times for each step as you see fit.

5. Conduct the Meeting

The most important step is the discussion phase, “Insights and Actions.” Just like any other meeting, you are discussing a topic that you, the moderator, and your attendees have decided to talk about, and you can take notes, create action items, call votes and make decisions.

And at the end of your meeting, you will get the beautifully formatted email you always get at the end of your meetings.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us.

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