We recently did an extensive round of research to understand where Instant Agenda could be more helpful. Overwhelmingly, we heard that Instant Agenda could do more to support ad-hoc, informal meetings. These meetings may or may not be scheduled in a calendar, and typically involve only one or two people trying to work through a single general problem or topic.

We’ve just introduced a new meeting type that we call “Quick Meeting”. Unlike our other meeting types, a Quick Meeting is stripped down to just the essentials. You can create a meeting and get started with a single click.

Quick Meeting Button

With a Quick Meeting, there are no distinct setup, run and follow-up phases. There is no “Start Meeting” button, the meeting is “started” as soon as you create it. Just jot down ideas for your agenda, and take notes in the same space. There are no topics to manage. Quick Meetings do provide a way to record distinct action items and decisions, as well as send summaries, just like our other meeting types.

You can also create a Quick Meeting directly from your calendar using our Chrome Plugin.

Quick Informal Meeting UI



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