Sometimes a topic comes up in the agenda that is better left for later, either later in the meeting or perhaps in another session of it altogether. For example, the person intending to speak on the topic is running late or is out for the week, or you realize you don’t have everyone in the room required for the discussion. Or maybe you need a way to put something into the Parking Lot, an area specifically dedicated to talk about the things that need to be addressed, but aren’t the priority for this particular meeting. Instant Agenda makes this easy by Deferring Topics.
There are two places you can go to change a topic to be in this deferred state. The first is in the dot menu on the right hand side of each topic in the agenda.

The second is on the bottom left of the topic timer when it is being discussed.

This will move the topic to the bottom of the agenda, and will not be automatically included in the discussion unless explicitly moved back into the agenda. In this way, you can keep track of topics you or your attendees would like to discuss later without losing track of them. You can move these topics back into the agenda in two ways; one is by clicking the clock icon on the left of the topic, and the other is in the dot menu on the right of the topic.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us using this link:

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