One feature that many users have requested is the ability to defer the active topic.

Scenario 1: you are in a weekly “issue clearing” meeting, and the active topic requires input from a person who is not in the room or not on the call. You could wait around to get this person (wasting everyone’s time)…or you could defer it and continue working other topics until the person you need shows up.  The second option is a much better use of time.

Scenario 2: you are in a meeting where you realize that you simply are not prepared to resolve the topic in today’s session. There is some prep work, or some person’s input that simply isn’t available. You’d like to defer the topic “indefinitely” until the next time you meet.

Today we have released the ability to defer the active topic. When any topic becomes active, you have the option to either “Begin Discussion” or “Defer Topic”.

Defer Meeting Topic UI Image

Deferring the topic moves it to the bottom of your agenda in a “deferred” state. You will notice that it is grayed out, with a clock icon. In this state, the topic is not considered part of the agenda.

Deferred meeting topic ui

Whenever you are ready, the moderator can “restore” the topic to the agenda—just click the clock icon, or use the topic menu. The topic will be slotted back into the agenda based on the number of votes it had (typically this means it will jump to the top of the agenda).

If you finish your meeting and don’t restore the deferred topics they will automatically be restored so that you can talk about them at your next meeting session.

We hope this helps you run more efficient meetings – we’d like to hear your feedback.

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