Case Study: Fortune 500 Company Uses Instant Agenda to Transform Meeting Culture

The Problem

The customer, a Fortune 500 software company, ranks as one of the largest independent software corporations globally. Its software solutions are used by government organizations, educational institutions, and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide. Because of the organization’s massive size, it required new and innovative ways to enable teams to collaborate effectively both internally and across its various product groups. The company also sought to improve meeting productivity and results and establish a framework repeatable across the entire organization.

The Solution

The customer selected Instant Agenda to transform their meeting culture. After over a year of usage and more than 1,000 monthly active users the software company agreed to be surveyed about their progress towards their initial goals. The survey received 176 unique responses and included both meeting facilitators and attendees. The questions were related to the impact Instant Agenda had on meeting experiences and outcomes.

The Results

Nearly 86% of users thought Instant Agenda had a positive impact on their meetings.
Approximately 82% of Instant Agenda users thought their meetings were more efficient.

“I use it for all my meetings. I’m so dependent on it that it’s hard to have a meeting if it’s not available. I love that I can add agenda items at any time and the action items are a lifesaver!”

– Sr. Manager, Service Delivery

Almost 80% of users thought their meetings were more productive and many reported positive changes to their time outside of meetings as well. Respondents indicated they felt more empowered to work together to solve problems because of the collaboration skills they mastered when using Instant Agenda. Additionally, many expressed that because the tool encouraged them to take a more active role in building meeting agendas, they saw the value provided by their contributions and decisions.
67% of users thought their Instant Agenda meetings were more engaging.
Nearly 70% of those surveyed reported an increase in topics covered during meetings. Because the tool handles task normally performed by a professional meeting facilitator, attendees were free to focus on discussion and participation.

“The biggest way it helps me as a facilitator is reducing the conflict around moving an agenda along.”

– Director, Sales Enablement

Over 50% of users thought Instant Agenda allowed them to have shorter meetings.

Instant Agenda allows meeting participants to review and prepare for agenda items before the meeting. Participant preparation eliminates one of the most common causes of slow, inefficient meetings.

Over 25% of users thought that Instant Agenda allowed them to have fewer meetings.

Why have a meeting if another form of communication will be just as effective? Since Instant Agenda allows you to prepare agenda items before a meeting, it is easy to determine if a meeting is necessary (especailly if you implement agenda due dates). Meetings can take anywhere from 25% to 80% of an employee’s time every day. Make your valuable meeting time count!

Meetings are critical in today’s collaborative work environments but they can have a high cost if not run effectively (calculate your meeting cost here). Studies have shown that on average each employee spends at least 25% of his or her time in meetings. If that employee works at an average company, 30% to 50% of that critical meeting time is wasted. In a typical 500-person company, this waste equates to roughly $10,000,000 to $13,000,000 every year. These numbers are just the salary costs.

Ineffective meetings also have related costs such as low morale, rework, delays, and other hard to quantify impacts. If Instant Agenda improves meetings by only 10%, it would have an overall savings of over $1 million to this hypothetical company. Instant Agenda costs just a fraction of that amount.

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