Informal Meetings (Quick Meet)

We recently did an extensive round of research to understand where Instant Agenda could be more helpful. Overwhelmingly, we heard that Instant Agenda could do more to support ad-hoc, informal meetings. These meetings may or may not be scheduled in a calendar, and... Read More

Deferring the Active Topic

One feature that many users have requested is the ability to defer the active topic. Scenario 1: you are in a weekly “issue clearing” meeting, and the active topic requires input from a person who is not in the room or not on the call. You could wait... Read More

Send a Great Meeting Summary Email

We have just released the ability for meeting moderators to send an email summary after each meeting. If you’ve been using Instant Agenda for a while, you have probably seen the meeting summary that pops up to moderators after each meeting session (when you... Read More