Sending Out the Meeting Agenda

If you’ve been following the Instant Agenda method for running your meetings, then you know that for more complex meetings, a crucial step in preparing for it is to solicit feedback. Sending your attendees the agenda well ahead of the meeting helps make sure you... Read More

Instant Agenda App

While Instant Agenda currently doesn’t have any mobile apps in the App or Google Play stores, we do support mobile use as a Progressive Web App, often referred to as a PWA. So while it may look and feel like a native mobile app, it’s actually just a... Read More

Auto-Start Topic Timer

Instant Agenda provides a topic timer to help focus the conversation and drive to better outcomes. A lot of subtle behavior changes occur once you place a timer in front of people. However, if you forget to start the timer, most of those benefits are lost. Never fear,... Read More

Pinning Agenda Topics

Collaborative Agenda meetings are a great way to engage your team and talk about the most important topics first. But sometimes there’s a topic you just have to discuss, regardless of the votes. It’s unlikely your team is going to vote to talk about the... Read More

Improved Meeting Security

By default, anyone with a link to your Instant Agenda meeting can attend it. While most meetings won’t necessarily be sensitive, when they are, it’s important to have the ability to limit access to the meeting to keep it secure.   If you are in an... Read More

Meeting History Improvements

Previously, when a meeting was ended, the moderator was presented with the Meeting Summary page. The next step for the moderator would be to send the summary containing all of the topics that were discussed. But, it was difficult for them to get back to the Meeting... Read More

Record a Decision

When discussing a topic during a meeting, frequently a decision needs to be made on how to move forward. Notes could capture these decisions, but they can easily get lost in the slew of data (especially if you have a stellar note-taker). As a moderator, you can now... Read More