Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots have been around for decades. Recently however, AI has been gaining proficiency rapidly (everything from self-driving cars to cooking bots to automated article writing). Will AI take over? There are plenty of people who will explain why AI isn’t going to take all our jobs. I’m here to tell you what will.

I predict that within the next year, there will be absolutely massive job losses and layoffs due to a single technology. Before I get to that, some background is required.

First, all companies are now information technology companies. It doesn’t matter if you work in software or soft drinks: it’s all about information processing. As Marc Andreessen has pointed out, “software is eating the world.”

In today’s information technology companies, what one activity do employees spend more time doing than any other? Meetings. Research and surveys show that managers and executives spend between 50% and 80% of their time in meetings. That’s painful – you’re probably grimacing as you read this. Research also shows that meetings are almost universally ineffective and have withering effects on morale, engagement, productivity and results in homeless puppies (correlation graphs prove this).

Now back to the impending jobs catastrophe, and the single technology that I believe will obliterate jobs: Instant Agenda.

Companies that use Instant Agenda report dramatically fewer, shorter meetings that get more done, in less time, with better outcomes. Companies that use Instant Agenda cancel meetings when there is nothing on the agenda. When they do hold meetings, they talk about the right things, and drive quickly to action and decision. All actions have directly responsible individuals, and all decisions are backed by shared understanding and consensus. Not only are meetings better, but all the follow-on work is more efficient, executed with more commitment, and morale is higher. Puppies are happier too (watch the short video to understand why)!

Clearly – with all that productivity improvement – mass layoffs are imminent.

Okay, the jig is up. I’m joking about the job losses. But not about the benefits of Instant Agenda. Think how much time and effort your teams will be able to reinvest when they dramatically streamline their meetings!

Not convinced? Start a free 6-week trial today and experience the results for yourself.

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Michael Ball

Co-founder, Product Lead at Instant Agenda
Michael was born a squalling, helpless MVP and has struggled ever since to obtain product-market fit. Experiments have included Peace Corps volunteer, ops engineer, scrum master, product owner, agile coach, husband, father, armchair philosopher, and, most recently, lean startup founder. Michael is still working on his exit-strategy, but his earliest angel investors seem generally proud of his accomplishments.
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