Agile Retrospectives Have Evolved

Instant Agenda is the most powerful, fun and flexible tool on the market. Turn your retrospectives into team improvement today.

It’s time to rethink how you retro. 

Instant Agenda is more than an agile retrospective board. It helps you craft and facilitate a productive, focused retrospective that takes you from ideation to insight to action. Each team room can be used on a recurring basis – with a different approach each time. 

Guided setup and discussion

We built professional facilitation practices into the tool so your retro runs smoothly and you can focus on your team, not moderating your meeting.

Library of category templates

Choose from over 10 different templates like Stop, Start, Continue, 4L’s, Retros Against Humanity, Force Field Analysis, and more to steer your retros.

Measure & track team mood

Take continuous improvement one step further! Quickly measure team health and see how it’s trending over time.

Built with distributed teams in mind

Have a highly collaborative and participatory retro even if part or all of your team works remotely.

Robust set of tools

With Instant Agenda, you can track action items and decisions, call votes, send a retro summary in seconds and keep a historical record of every meeting you’ve held.

Flexible meeting structure

Unlimited configurations mean you can decide how you want to structure your retro and change it up whenever you need to.

“With Instant Agenda, we can create a meaningful meeting agenda in just a few minutes. Team members suggest topics and vote on which deliver the most value to the group and our business. We save time and get through more, it’s a game changer.”

Ashley Powell Scrum Master, businessolver

How it works

1. Create a retro space and set your preferences

agile retrospective animated GIF

Determine how many votes each attendee gets, your agenda steps and timing, if attendees can add topics to the agenda anonymously, and whether or not ideation will be private/blind or shared in real-time.

2. Choose your categories & share the link with your team

Stop Start Continue, 4Ls, Mad Sad Glad or create your own! You get unlimited columns, and can change it up each time.

3. Begin ideation

Timebox ideation and determine whether or not it’s anonymous.

4. Group topics

Drag and drop similar or duplicate topics to the same group to consolidate your ideas.

5. Prioritize topics and discuss

Get to the most important topics first and save those you didn’t get to for next time.

6. Follow up

In just a few seconds, send out a meeting summary with notes, action items, decisions, and other important information for your team.

Amplify your retrospective, foster your team.