The #1 tool for Agile meetings

Transform the way your team meets with Instant Agenda, meeting software built on Agile principles.

Spin up an Agile meeting in seconds

Collaborate on agendas

Prepare an agenda as a team ahead of the meeting, or create one on the spot, Lean Coffee™ style.

Timebox discussion topics

Keep your meeting on track and focused while decreasing distracting chatter.

Poll your participants

Empower teams by giving everyone the ability to vote anonymously on decisions.

Visualize your work

Take notes, make decisions and assign action items in real time, allowing everyone to stay on the same page.

Inspect and adapt

Meeting participants give anonymous feedback and rate return on time invested for each meeting.

Follow up, every time

Immediately send a professional meeting summary to team members and those who weren’t present.

Here’s how it works:

Build your agenda as a team, before or during your meeting

  • Save time by enlisting your group’s help with the agenda
  • Ensure all meeting attendees have a stake in the conversation

Vote on what to discuss so you get to the most important topics first

  • Spend your time on topics that will impact your business the most
  • No topics in the queue? Choose to cancel the meeting or end it early

Stay on topic and keep your conversation focused and actionable

  • Wave the off-topic flag if things are going off track
  • Use the timer to keep conversation moving
  • Manage action items in Instant Agenda or send them to your favorite productivity app

Send a meeting summary quickly and easily

  • Get an instant summary of what you discussed
  • Send your summary in just a couple of clicks
  • Refer back to your meeting summaries at any time

Pick your meeting, we’ll help you perfect it

Lean Coffee™

No agenda? No problem. Instant Agenda provides all the tools you need to hold a spontaneous discussion in one place. It’s also perfect for remote participants. Thanks to the real-time interface, everyone stays on the same page.


Whether your team is co-located or remote, everyone is able to contribute. Team members can suggest topics, vote on them, and leave with actionable follow up.

Product Council

Remain on top of stakeholder expectations and changing priorities with an organized meeting space. Time topics, write notes, call a vote, record decisions and assign action items to yourself or someone on the team.

Leadership or Management Meeting

Everyone’s time is valuable. Quickly create a professional meeting agenda and purpose ahead of the meeting to share with attendees. Use the built in timer to keep the discussion focused.