For many meetings, it is useful to delegate moderator rights to another person. This allows you to focus on facilitating the meeting while your additional moderator takes notes, action items, records decisions and manages time. Alternatively you can use moderation delegation if you need someone to take over your meeting, either permanently or on a temporary basis.

At Instant Agenda, we’ve had the ability to delegate moderator access for quite some time. But the process of adding additional moderators has been somewhat difficult. We’ve made some changes to streamline this process, we hope you’ll find it much easier now.

For each of your meetings, you can delegate moderator privileges to one or more other users. You can do this from the meeting dot menu, and then selecting the Manage Moderators option.

Meeting Dot Menu

Manage Moderators option

You’ll be taken to a page that shows the users who currently have moderator privileges for your meeting. To add someone new, click the Add Moderator button.

Manage Moderators Page

You’ll be shown a selection containing all of the users who have ever attended your meeting. You can type-ahead to find the user you want, and then select them. If you don’t see the user you would like to add, you can also enter an email address directly.

Add Moderator Dialog

Some users may not have their Instant Agenda account in a state where it allows them to actually moderate your meeting. When that happens, we’ll send the user an email letting them know what they need to do to complete the process; no more action is required on your part.

You can delegate as many moderators as you like. However, too many cooks in the kitchen (at the same time) can spoil the broth, as they say.

We hope you’ll find this new process easier and more intuitive. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback button in the app. Also, we’re always happy to hear from you directly — just schedule a 15-minute call with us using this link:

Rick Lansky

Co-Founder / Technical Lead at Instant Agenda
Rick Lansky has a varied history in both hardware and software. He began his career as a computational physicist working in the disk drive business. After many years, he awoke one day to the realization that life as a scientist in a commodity business can be challenging. He degaussed his career and made the leap to web-based software where he’s been happily solving customer problems ever since. He’s currently the co-founder and technical lead of Instant Agenda, a project within with the CA Accelerator.

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