As a Scrum Master, sometimes you need to mix up your sprint retrospective templates. Perhaps you’ve used the same ones over and over or, maybe your team just completed a particularly difficult sprint and needs to regroup. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to think of new and engaging ways to continuously improve.

We asked three seasoned Scrum Masters what their favorite retro template was. Although it was hard for them to pick just one, they came back with some great answers you can use as inspiration for your next sprint retrospective.

Cassie Kern

Favorite Retro Template: Scrum Land

One of my favorite sprint retrospective templates I use when I want to mix it up a bit is my “Scrum Land” board game.  I bought a blank game board and created a game that is kind of a mix between Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders.  To move across the game board, a team member rolls the dice, picks a card, and follows the direction on that card.

Here are some examples of the types of things you might find on the cards:

  • Give an appreciation!
  • What’s a challenge you expect the team to have in the future?
  • What do you like about our team and the way we work together?

As we progress through the game, we take time to talk about anyone’s answers that warrant additional discussion and jot down potential actions as we go.

One of the great things about this game is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be played in the office.  On nice days, my team will take the game board down the street to a park and play in the sunshine.

Barry Kardon

Favorite Retro Template: Festivus for the Retrovus

My favorite sprint retrospective template is one I typically conduct towards the very end of the year.  I draw out a bunch of holiday related icons on a mural, for example a Christmas tree, dreidel, feats of strength Festivus pole, turkey, gifts, etc).

Next to each image I write a concept such as Proudest Moment, Biggest Challenge, Celebrations, and Biggest Wish.  I then prompt the team to think in terms of the previous year, not just the past iteration, looking back on all they have accomplished.  It’s always a fun retro and a nice way to wrap up the year.

Jeff Ditillo

Favorite Retro Template: 3 Little Pigs

One retro that I like for a team that does infrastructure work (they build and maintain various services) is the Three Little Pigs retro. The categories are Straw, Sticks and Brick. The team then identifies which of our services or components are either super unstable and in need of replacement (straw), OK for now but has limitations (sticks) or is solid and reliable (brick). I like using that at the end of the quarter to help the team think about improvement features for the next quarter.

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