Get the Meeting Tool Meant for Busy Managers

Conducting 1-on-1 meetings is the single best thing you can do to increase satisfaction, performance and motivation among your team. But, holding these meetings can be a massive drain on your productivity, especially if time is your scarcest resource.

Instant Agenda helps by simplifying the entire process for you.

Quickly create an agenda

Cut prep time by instantly adding topics from our library to your agenda. Choose from over 80 topics with discussion points or add your own.


Keep track of what’s important

Instant Agenda keeps all your meeting information in one place. After each 1-on-1, you get a beautifully formatted meeting summary with a record of what you discussed and well-defined next steps.

Maximize your time together

Take real-time shared notes, assign action items and record decisions you’ve reached. Use the built-in timer to ensure your discussion stays on track and productive.

Pick Agenda Topics From an Expansive Library

Adding topics to your 1-on-1 meeting is easy. Sort by categories like Goals & Strategy, Innovation, and Management Skills & Issues. You can copy the topic exactly, or edit the text to suit your needs before adding it to your agenda.

Run Any Meeting with Instant Agenda

Instant Agenda is flexible enough to support almost any type of meeting. We provide 5 different meeting types with customized workflows that guide your preparation and facilitation. Select a meeting type below to learn more.

Collaborative Agenda Meetings

Planned Agenda Meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

Quick Meetings

Agile Retrospective Meetings

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