Instant Agenda is shutting down.

Pick your meeting, we’ll help you perfect it.

Before Instant Agenda…

  • You’re invited to a meeting but have no idea what will be discussed because your invite lacks an agenda and clear purpose. You wonder if you need to be there at all…
  • Meetings go on (and on) and attendees waste time on things that don’t deliver value to the business. People just keep talking until time runs out and you accomplish nothing!
  • After you meet, you don’t know what your next steps are because no one sent out a summary of what you discussed.

…After Instant Agenda

  • The meeting invite includes a structured agenda and problem the group will solve. Attendees can vote on topics that are important, comment on items and add topics of their own.
  • Instant Agenda sorts your topics by priority so you discuss the most important topics first. A built-in timer keeps discussion on time and you can anonymously tell the group if discussion is off topic. Features like action items, decisions and notes are at your fingertips.
  • The meeting moderator can send out a formatted meeting summary in seconds, directly after the meeting. Your action items are automagically routed to your favorite task management app so you can get right to work!

Here’s what people are saying:

Instant Agenda is a powerful meeting tool that’s really easy to use. It keeps discussion focused and encourages us to move quickly through the agenda. After the meeting, I can send a summary out in just a few clicks which saves me a ton of time.

– Steve Neely, VP Engineering

We used to rely on numerous Google sheets to create meeting agendas – it was painful. With Instant Agenda, agendas are always in the same place and teams can collaborate before meeting or on the spot if there’s not a set agenda. We also have a record of what we’ve discussed so the entire process is more organized.

– Todd Olson, CEO/Founder

With Instant Agenda, we can create a meaningful meeting agenda in just a few minutes. Team members suggest topics and vote on which deliver the most value to the group and our business. We save time and get through more, it’s a game changer.

– Ashley Powell, Scrum Master

I have everything I need to run a productive meeting in one place which makes my job easier and my meetings run smoothly. The Instant Agenda team responds quickly to questions I have and is always available to provide help if I need it.

Irene Meitardjian, Agile Coach