How it Works

Instant Agenda is meeting software

that helps anyone run more productive meetings.

In-room or remote, attendees are engaged.


5  Simple Steps


Create a meeting space icon   Create a meeting space

   Share the link

   Build an Agenda

   Run your meeting

   Send the results


Create a collaborative meeting space.

A meeting space is a shared, real-time meeting room where you and your attendees will be able to create an agenda, vote on topics, run your meeting, take notes and record action items.  Use it once or for recurring meetings.

Share the meeting link with your attendees

Each meeting space has a unique link. Paste this link into your calendar invite, an email, or your team chat. The link lets others join your meeting space.

meeting discussion
Create an Agenda

Create your agenda (or crowd-source it)

Create and order the topics yourself, or, have your attendees suggest topics. If you use a “collaborative agenda”, attendees can suggest topics and vote on those they find most valuable. Topics will be discussed in order of votes.

A collaborative agenda is great for recurring meetings or if you find yourself in a meeting without a set agenda – create it on the spot!

Run your meeting like a pro

Instant Agenda guides you and does the grunt work. The real-time interface keeps everyone focused on the topic. Take notes, create action items and record decisions. Everything important gets captured as you go. The topic timer keeps the action moving – let Instant Agenda be the “bad guy”.

Send the results

When you’re done, immediately send a detailed, beautiful summary to participants and stakeholders. Make sure everyone knows the results of the meeting and what each person is responsible for.

One of the biggest reasons that meetings are not productive is that results are not captured and shared. With Instant Agenda, that will never happen again on your watch!

Instant Agenda is meeting software for leaders

who want outcomes, not chatter.