Adding Moderators to a Meeting

For many meetings, it is useful to delegate moderator rights to another person. This allows you to focus on facilitating the meeting while your additional moderator takes notes, action items, records decisions and manages time. Alternatively you can use moderation... Read More

Quickly Find Meetings

The meetings shown on the My Meetings page are sorted by the date you last attended the meeting. This makes it easy to find meetings you’ve attended recently. But as your use of Instant Agenda grows and the number of meetings expands, this can make it hard to... Read More

Recurring Meeting Topics

While some meetings created in Instant Agenda might be used only once, most of our users find that many are recurring. With recurring meetings come the recurring topics that get brought up each time the meeting is run. Creating the same topics over and over can be... Read More

Better 1-on-1 Conversations

Regular conversations between managers and their direct reports are essential for maintaining employee engagement and job satisfaction. Effective 1-on-1 conversations should be informal, but have some structure. They aren’t status meetings; they’re a time... Read More

Edit Your Profile

You may have noticed that Instant Agenda uses Gravatar for your profile image. Now you can edit your profile image (and display name) with a custom image you upload in the app! Instant Agenda will still use Gravatar if you choose not to upload a custom image, but for... Read More

Better Meeting Summaries

As a moderator you are taken to the meeting summary page once the meeting has ended. This page shows all of the topics, action items, decisions, and notes that were discussed during the meeting. As a moderator you have the ability to add or edit details before you... Read More

Lean Coffee Meetings in Instant Agenda

Lean Coffee®* is a style of collaborative meeting that has gained a lot of traction in the Agile community. Instant Agenda makes it easier than ever to run a Lean Coffee style meeting, even if you have remote participants in your meeting. Let’s look at the... Read More

Collaborative Planned Agenda Meetings

If you run meetings with Planned Agendas, you may have noticed that your attendees are not allowed to suggest topics like they can in a Collaborative Agenda meeting. Even though, as the moderator, it’s your meeting and your planned agenda, you may still want to... Read More

Collaborative Decisions Made Easy

We’ve already introduced how to Record Meeting Decisions. Now you can make them more collaborative by calling a vote. The vote will go out to all meeting attendees and once a vote is complete, you can record the results as a decision. This makes it easier to... Read More