Lean Coffee Meetings in Instant Agenda

Lean Coffee®* is a style of collaborative meeting that has gained a lot of traction in the Agile community. Instant Agenda makes it easier than ever to run a Lean Coffee style meeting, even if you have remote participants in your meeting. Let’s look at the... Read More

Collaborative Planned Agenda Meetings

If you run meetings with Planned Agendas, you may have noticed that your attendees are not allowed to suggest topics like they can in a Collaborative Agenda meeting. Even though, as the moderator, it’s your meeting and your planned agenda, you may still want to... Read More

Collaborative Decisions Made Easy

We’ve already introduced how to Record Meeting Decisions. Now you can make them more collaborative by calling a vote. The vote will go out to all meeting attendees and once a vote is complete, you can record the results as a decision. This makes it easier to... Read More