The web and mobile app for super-productive meetings

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Quickly prepare and share agendas for one-time or recurring meetings.

Facilitation guidance and tools help you run an effective meeting and stay on track.

Instant agenda on mobile device

Everyone stays on the same page with real-time shared meeting view, including notes. Perfect to support remote participants.

Capture meeting notes, action items and decisions in real time, then send a summary to all participants.

Here’s what people are saying about Instant Agenda:

The first time I tried Instant Agenda I was amazed because my typical 1- hour meeting wrapped up in 40 minutes.  Instant Agenda kept us on track and the team walked away feeling like we really accomplished something.  The positive feedback from meeting participants was overwhelming because they helped create the agenda – everybody was engaged.

Jackie O’Neill-Walsh

VP, HR Team, CA Technologies

Making the most of my team’s time is very important, especially when you are in a startup mode.  Thanks to Instant Agenda, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page, run a clean meeting and let everyone’s voice be heard (love that voting!).  The best part for me is,  Instant Agenda allows me to capture the notes and action items during the meeting, saving me at least 30 minutes in ‘recapping’ after the fact.  

Stephanie Dumbrill

Social Media Maven , WhoZoo